Water Our Trees





Your Cool, Clean Air - A Gift from Your Trees: Our neighborhood trees provide clean air, help us stay cool, and help protect our Mississippi River's waters, too.


Now our trees need us.  One in three newly planted trees here die.  To survive, our 222 baby trees need water - 20 gallons a week - through October.


Join us in caring for our trees - great for our health, our climate, our community.


What you can do:

Water a tree - see the map of newly planted trees.



Adopt a tree to water through October here, with Brewing a Better Forest. 

Shout out your pride in our trees by posting your adoption on social media, and liking the Marcy-Holmes Facebook page Marcy-Holmes Tree Stewards.

Ask your neighbors and friends to adopt trees, too.

Join the Marcy-Holmes Tree Stewards team to reach more neighbors and landowners about tree watering and care.  Contact [email protected] to ask to join the team. 


Emerald Ash Borer and Your Trees: Are there trees near your home that are not in the boulevard?  If they are ash trees, the Emerald Ash Borer will kill them. Removing or treating them quickly is very important for your safety. Dead ash trees are brittle and dangerous to people and their homes, and are more expensive to remove.


What you can do:

Check out Tree Trust's recommendations to ActOnAsh: https://treetrust.org/get-involved/actonash/