Run for the Board

The MHNA board needs your voice! The greater diversity of people involved in the MHNA board, the more our neighborhood thrives and remains a wonderful place to live, work, learn, play and grow—for everyone: renters, homeowners, students, and elders.

Any Resident Member or Non-resident Member can run for an open Director's seat. For 2023, we are particularly eager to bring expertise and interests in management, finances, creative placemaking, transportation / infrastructure, and land use and development.

We also need diverse perspectives. So, if you have at least an interest in any of these issues (or others) and want to be a part of something big, please consider running.

Here are 8 great reasons to run for the MHNA board:

  1. You want to stay on top of what’s happening in the neighborhood.
  2. You want to contribute your voice to ensure our neighborhood is a diverse and vibrant community.
  3. You want to meet your neighbors, city officials, developers and local business owners.
  4. You want to flex your leadership muscles—or learn how to.
  5. You want to learn about community engagement, neighborhood organizations or nonprofit boards.
  6. You want to give back in an easy, meaningful way.
  7. Rather than complaining, you want to be a part of finding solutions.
  8. You love our neighborhood—and want others to love it too!

What does board membership involve? We’re happy to have a chat with you and share what we know.

Take a look at our Board Position Description.

If you're interested, fill our our Candidate Form (OnlineWord | PDF). 

Contact MHNA with any questions: [email protected]


Residents, businesses and property owners within specific areas (but beyond Marcy-Holmes' official boundaries) can qualify for Membership, and subsequently, the opportunity to run for the board. Areas within the red outlines below.

As per our bylaws:

(c) Annexed Members:
Membership may be conferred on (granted to) individuals who (1) reside in, (2) own real property or have an interest in a real property, or (3) are duly-sponsored representatives of a non-profit or for-profit organization or business outside of the City-recognized Marcy-Holmes neighborhood boundary but who have a physical address within the geographic area bounded by 15th Avenue SE on the west, University Avenue SE on the south, Oak Street SE on the east, and the BNSF railroad tracks on the north.Membership will also be conferred upon residents of Sanford Hall and Roy Wilkins Hall, both buildings located on the south side of University Avenue SE between 11th Avenue SE and 13th Avenue SE. Such members shall be granted the same rights and privileges of Non-Resident members. Membership rights shall continue until it is terminated in accordance with Section 1.a. and 1.b. above or until such time as this area has its own neighborhood organization.

For additional clarification on the issue of membership, please refer to MHNA's bylaws, found here: