Board of Directors

MHNA maintains an annually elected and appointed board of directors from major organizations and institutions located in the neighborhood. The board has 4 officers, elected annually, and 15 directors with alternating 2 year terms. Currently, there is 1 Director appointed to the board (waiting on new appointments from four organizations).


OFFICERS (terms expire December 31, 2024)

Kim Hansen | President

Jordan Leick | Vice President 

Jen Berndt | Treasurer 

Joe Schaedler | Secretary 

ELECTED DIRECTORS (terms expire December 31st, every other year)

Anu Wille (2025)

Brian Tang (2024)

Bridget Sullivan (2024)

Derek Eicholz (2025)

Devan Blanchard (2025)

Jen Berndt (2025)

Joe Schaedler (2025)

John Goebel (2024)

Jordan Leick (2024)

Karyn Zwieg (2024)

Kim Hansen (2025)

Kent Kramp (2025)

Ted Tucker (2024)

Tom Lincoln (2024)

Vic Thorstenson (2025)



Waiting on Appointment | Undergraduate Student Government 

Hersh Berman | Greek Alumni Council

Waiting on AppointmentCouncil of Graduate Students (COGS)

Waiting on Appointment | Southeast Faith Community

Waiting on Appointment | Dinkytown Business Alliance


To contact the Marcy-Holmes Board of Directors, please email [email protected].