Board of Directors

MHNA maintains an annually elected and appointed board of directors from major organizations and institutions located in the neighborhood. The board has 4 officers, elected annually, and 11 directors with alternating 2 year terms. Currently, there are 5 directors appointed to the board.


At the October 15, 2019 Membership meeting we will be adding 4 new Director seats (as per a Bylaw amendment made in April 2019), for a total of 15.

OFFICERS (terms expire December 31, 2019)
Vic Thorstenson | President

Erich Wunderlich | Vice President

Tom Lincoln | Secretary 

Barbara Camm | Treasurer
DIRECTORS (terms expire December 31st, every other year)
Ben McKibben (2019)

Bill Huntzicker (2020)

Cordelia Pierson (2019)

David Jones (2020)

David Moseman (2020)

Vacant (2019)

Vacant (2020)

Marcus Mills (2020)

Michael Johnson (2019)

Nicholas Banitt (2019)

Vacant (2020)

Doug Donley | Dinkytown Business Alliance (DBA)

James Farnsworth | Minnesota Student Association (MSA)

Megan Schmit | Council of Graduate Students (COGS)

Nicholas Tangen | Southeast Faith Community 

Wendy Born | Greek Alumni Council