Stone Arch Bridge closure begins April 15

The historic Stone Arch Bridge last underwent repairs in the mid ‘90s, but that is about to change.

Starting at 5 a.m. on Mon, April 15, the St. Anthony Main side of the Stone Arch Bridge will close through spring 2025 to allow construction crews to begin preservation work. The closure is necessary to keep the public and crews safe during the work.

While this closure is in place, pedestrians and bicyclists can use the new protected pathways on the Hwy 65/Third Ave. Bridge to cross the Mississippi river.

  • Pedestrian detour: Southeast 6th Ave. to southeast 2nd St. to Central Ave./Third Ave. Bridge to South 1st St.
  • Northbound bicyclist detour: West River Pkwy. to Portland Ave. to South 2nd St. to Third Ave. Bridge/Central Ave. to southeast University Ave. to southeast 6th Ave.
  • Southbound bicyclist detour: Southeast 6th Ave. to southeast 4th St. to Central Ave. /Third Ave. Bridge to South 2nd St. to Portland Ave. to West River Pkwy. 

The downtown side of the bridge will be open until spring 2025. Pedestrians and bicyclists can walk or bike to the middle of the bridge and turn around at the closure.

Please note that timeframes are all approximate, subject to change and weather and schedule permitting.

More about this project

Starting in spring 2024, crews will begin repairing the Stone Arch Bridge spanning the Mississippi River on the edge of downtown Minneapolis. Crews will repair and replace stone, replace the mortar on the entire bridge, and make other repairs as needed. Stone repair and mortar replacement will slow deterioration and improve the condition of the bridge. Construction is anticipated to be complete by spring 2026.

For more information, visit the project webpage. If you have questions or concerns regarding the Stone Arch Bridge project, please contact the project team.