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Public Notice: Marcy-Holmes NRP Plan Modification Vote





Where: MHNA Annual Election / Membership Meeting

Date: Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 6:30 pm

Location: Online, via Zoom


This meeting is open to the public, but you must Register in advance to attend. Only MHNA members are eligible to vote on this plan modification. To learn about criteria for membership (always free), please visit here.

Registration will also allow you to participate in our voting process for electing a new board of directors.

The MHNA Membership will be considering four updates to our Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (NRP) and voting on them at our October 20, 2020 General Membership meeting. These four updates would create four new priorities under our current contract with the City of Minneapolis.

The creation of a new priority (or set of priorities), as well as any reallocation of funds for new priorities, requires a broad, substantial notice to the community 21 days in advance of any potential vote. This email only serves as a portion of the broad outreach we are engaging in to notify the public.

All MHNA members are encouraged to attend the October membership meeting and vote. Questions can be directed to Chris Lautenschlager, MHNA Executive Director.


Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association

NRP Phase II Plan Modification Request

Neighborhood Vote: Tuesday, October 20, 2020


1) Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Safety Program

Concept: Work with partners to calm traffic and make Marcy-Holmes safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Amount Requested: $25,000

Source: NRP Phase II 1.1.C.6 – Rental to Ownership Conversion Incentives ($25,000)

  • Support improvements or replacements to neighborhood street signage.
  • Support traffic calming / pedestrian crossing improvements along major streets and critical intersections, e.g. diverters, signage, crosswalk striping.
  • Support bicycling improvements, e.g. service stations, bike storage facilities.
  • Program Design and Implementation


2) Environmental and Greening Programming

Concept: Promote sustainability and environmental stewardship throughout Marcy-Holmes with community initiatives designed to promote pollinator-friendly and native plantings, community gardens, green space, tree planting, boulevard plantings, and organics recycling in the neighborhood.

Amount Requested: $10,000

Source: NRP Phase II 1.1.A.4 – Supplemental Exterior Inspections ($6600); NRP Phase II 4.1.A – Additional Police Patrols ($3400)

  • Greening programming and supplies, e.g. Adopt-a-Street, Adopt-a-Drain, Adopt-a-Tree, 5th Street Gardens, and 8th Street Garden care events.
  • Program Design and Implementation


3) Community Engagement

Concept: Reach out to and engage community members through year-round events, programs and communications.

Amount Requested: $10,000

Source: NRP Phase II 1.1.A.4 – Supplemental Exterior Inspections ($5400); NRP Phase II 1.1.B.5 Historic Preservation Planning Assistance ($600); NRP Phase II 4.1.A – Additional Police Patrols ($4000) 

  • Neighborhood Communications: Postcard mailings (printing/postage), digital communications and website.
  • Communications planning


4) Staffing / Additional Program Implementation

Concept: Maintain staff positions to support the MHNA’s work in implementing programs, coordinating communications, volunteers and community outreach, and maintaining accurate and up-to-date financials.

Amount Requested: $54,000

Source: NRP Phase II 1.1.A.2 – Rental Housing Improvements ($17,100); NRP Phase II 1.1.B.5 Historic Preservation Planning Assistance ($12,900); NRP Phase II 1.1.C.6 – Rental to Ownership Conversion Incentives ($24,000)

  • Coordination for MHNA’s programs, events, communications, volunteer coordination and outreach.



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MnDOT historian to share Third Avenue Bridge history


Join MnDOT historian Katie Haun Schuring and our project team for a conversation spanning the history of the Third Ave. Bridge. Learn about early 20th century Minneapolis, the bridge design, interesting features and construction methods used during this time.

This free virtual presentation will be on Tue, Sept. 29 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. An interactive question-and-answer session will take place after the presentation. If you’re not able to attend, a second virtual presentation is planned for late fall. More information on this second opportunity will be available in the coming weeks. 

Register for the virtual presentation.

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THERE ARE 4 OFFICERS TO BE ELECTED, AND A TOTAL OF 9 DIRECTORS TO BE ELECTED (7 are Open Seats with terms beginning January 1, 2021; 2 potential vacancies have terms beginning immediately).

To view our current board, please visit


What does board membership involve? We’re happy to have a chat with you and share what we know.

Take a look at our Board Position Description

If you're interested, fill our our Candidate Form (Word | PDF | Online). 

Contact Chris Lautenschlager, MHNA Executive Director, with any questions.


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Multimodal Project along East Hennepin and 1st Ave NE

There is a multimodal improvement project planned for East Hennepin Avenue and 1st Avenue NE in 2023. This is an exciting opportunity to improve the safety and comfort of these streets.
The Hennepin County consultants behind this project are anticipating performing a temporary parking ban along the corridor on Tuesday, September 8th. The parking ban is to accommodate a LIDAR scan of the streets, where a laser will record the exact geometry of the existing street accurate plans for the upcoming multimodal project can be developed. While they can likely complete this work within a few hours, there will be day-long parking ban to err on the side of caution. Also, the LIDAR scan requires sunlight to work best, so the temporary parking ban could move to another day the week of September 8-11 in the event of inclement weather.
The overall project is not a full street reconstruction on these two avenues, but is instead a federally-funded multimodal improvement project intended to install new bike facilities, improve pedestrian facilities, and make improvements to intersections and traffic operations throughout the corridor. While smaller in scope than a reconstruction, this project still provides the opportunity to make meaningful, permanent changes to East Hennepin and 1st Ave NE to better support safety for all users.
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Additional NRP Plan Allocations to be voted on in September

On Tuesday, September 15, 2020, the MHNA Board of Directors will be voting to move additional NRP Phase II Program Income to three existing neighborhood priorities. Each of these three priorities have been in place for 2 or more years, but all require additional funding to continue. 

The total amount of funding in question is under $25,000, therefore a community vote is not needed. The board was noticed at its regular monthly meeting on August 18, 2020 that these votes would take place in September, meeting the 21-notice of the board and communities impacted.



Existing Priority: Elwell Park Signage / Kiosk

Requested amount: $5300, from Phase II Program Income

A project started more than four years ago, the rehabilitation of the public art in Elwell Park includes replacing/repairing broken mosaic tiles, sandblasting and repainting the metalwork, and adding a new kiosk with interpretative signage that tells the story of the park and its importance to the neighborhood. These funds will complete the final rail installation.


Existing Priority: Eastside Litter Container Program

Requested amount: $4000, from NRP Phase II Program Income

As outlined in the Livability section of MHNA’s Phase II NRP plan, our organization pursues ways to make Marcy-Holmes cleaner and safer for all those who live, work and visit our community. MHNA will continue to provide funds for the once per week servicing of fourteen (14) additional concrete trash containers for a two-year period. The containers, already installed by the City of Minneapolis Public Works Department in 2018, will be located at street corners, on the east side of Marcy-Holmes.


Existing Priority: Greater Dinkytown: Road Map for the Future

Requested amount: $5000, from Phase II Program Income

Develop a vibrant vision and implementation plan for the “Greater Dinkytown” Community. This is the third and final phase of this project. This priority is supported by $9,000 from the UMN’s Good Neighbor Fund. 


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POSTPONED: Third Ave Bridge Closure this weekend

Work was postponed because the Mississippi was too high

Third Avenue Bridge weekend closure begins Aug. 28

Beginning 8 p.m. Fri, Aug. 28, the Third Ave. Bridge will be fully closed to allow construction crews to move equipment below the bridge to continue repair work on the bridge piers. The bridge is expected to reopen 5 a.m. Mon, Aug. 31. Crews will be working around the clock to complete the weekend work. Motorists, transit riders, and people walking and bicycling will need to use alternative routes across the river during this time.

Construction Progress

Third Avenue Bridge current aging bridge pier structures

Crews will begin repairing the bridge piers. These pier structures extend into the river below and support the foundation of the bridge. See below for a photo of the current aging pier structures.

All construction activities and closures are weather permitting and subject to change.


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Justice for National Guardsman, Sergeant Abdoulaye Néné Cisse slain in Marcy-Holmes

Family of National Guardsman, Sergeant Abdoulaye Néné Cisse slain in southeast Minneapolis still seeking answers



Sergeant Abdoulaye Nene Cisse, born to Mr Alioune Badara and Madam Nene Cisse in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA), on October 16, 1992. 

Late Sgt Abdoulaye Cisse was brought up in Minnesota and Senegal. Upon completion of his elementary and secondary education in Senegal, Abdoulaye proceeded to China for his  post secondary education. He returned to his country of birth, USA and lived in Minneapolis until the time of his untimely death.
Abdoulaye was highly intelligent, full of talents and multi lingual.

Abdoulaye met his tragic death in the early hours of October 16, 2019, at 500 7th street SE, Minneapolis, Minnesota, in a homicide. He was stabbed to death on his 27th birthday. The perpetrator(s) is/are at large, eying their next innocent victim while Abdoulaye’s family continues to deeply mourn and grieve without answers or closure.

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10th Ave Bridge Construction Update

Construction Update Meeting - Friday, August 28, 2020 - at 10:30 a.m.
Project staff will hold a virtual construction update meeting this Friday using GoTo Meeting. Members of the public are invited to join the online meeting and hear updates on construction progress and speak with project staff.
Please use this link to join the 10th Ave Bridge Online Construction Update Meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone:
You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (224) 501-3412
Access Code: 784-924-461
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Notice of a Public Hearing: Dinkytown Project by CA Ventures



Chris Palkowitsch, of BKV Group, has submitted the following applications to allow a new mixed-use building with 308 dwelling units and approximately 27,000 square feet of commercial space at 407 15th Ave SE, 1412 and 1428 5th St SE, 1413 and 1417 4th St SE, and 416 14th Ave SE:

• Rezoning the properties at 407 15th Ave SE, 1428 5th St SE, 1413 4th St SE, 1417 4th St SE, and 416 14th Ave SE from the C1 Neighborhood Commercial District to the C3A Community Activity Center District.

• Rezoning the property at 1412 5th St SE from the C2 Neighborhood Commercial District to the C3A Community Activity Center District.

• Conditional use permit to establish a planned unit development.

• Alteration of a nonconforming use to allow a fast food restaurant to reestablish in the new building.

• Variance to increase the maximum floor area ratio.

• Site plan review.

• Preliminary and final plat.

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