Submit a Pre-Proposal for the next Good Neighbor Fund Grant Cycle

Pre-proposal applications are now being accepted by MHNA for the next round of the Good Neighbor Fund.

The Good Neighbor Fund is a grant program administered by the U of M's Local Government and Community Relations department. Each year, the fund provides financial resources to local organizations that have successfully applied for a Good Neighbor Fund grant. 

The Good Neighbor Fund was founded in 2007 and is held and managed in an endowment by the University of Minnesota. The Stadium Area Advisory Group serves as the fund's board with representatives from local governments and neighborhood and business associations adjacent to the Twin Cities campus.

Formed with the purpose of enhancing and protecting the beauty, serenity, and security of the community we are part of, the University of Minnesota has awarded more than seven hundred thousand dollars of Good Neighbor Fund grants to community and local government partners for 128 projects. 

Grant recipients have used the Good Neighbor Fund to implement projects that range from crime prevention and neighborhood building, to beautification of public spaces and the arts. 

MHNA is an eligible organization to apply to the Good Neighbor Fund. Our organization generates our own applications to this fund, but also works with local organizations that are not officially eligible to apply. In these cases, outside organizations put together applications, and MHNA submits them on their behalf. When this happens, MHNA takes on the role of fiscal sponsor of the grant, ensuring that all requirements and financial responsibilities are met.

If you, or the organization that you are involved with, would like to work with MHNA to apply for a Good Neighbor Fund grant, we encourage you to fill out our Pre-Proposal application form. Our board of directors will review this form, and let you know if our organization would be able to support you in working on your project. If so, you will be asked to complete the official Good Neighbor Fund Application (once it is available). 

Pre-proposals to MHNA will be due on March 14, 2024. If the board accepts your pre-proposal, you will be asked to fill out the full GNF application by their due date of April 1, 2024.

To access the pre-proposal form, please visit HERE.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the MHNA Executive Director, Chris Lautenschlager, at [email protected]