MHNA Letter to Council Member Fletcher Over Murder of George Floyd

June 17, 2020

Council Member Steve Fletcher

Minneapolis City Council, Ward 3

350 South 5th Street, Room 307

Minneapolis, MN 55415


Dear Council Member Fletcher,

Enough is enough. The Minneapolis Police Department has failed, and further attempts at reform under the current structure are futile. The Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association is in support of your efforts to defund and dismantle the MPD and replace it with a new and responsive system of public safety and security.

The senseless murder of George Floyd at the hands of four of its officers is only the most recent proof that the MPD is beyond reform.

For decades, mayors and police chiefs have committed to reform of the MPD, with no discernable improvements. Officers who continue to abuse and brutalize Minneapolis’ communities of color are protected by an administrative structure that allows MPD’s bargaining unit to operate as a protection racket under the guise of a labor union.

This is outrageous and unacceptable – and can only be fixed by dismantling the current structure and starting anew.

We support you and like-minded members of the City Council as we explore and reimagine together what the future of community safety resources can and should be.

We are committed to helping the community understand how alternative means and methods will prove to be a more effective approach to community safety than the broken system of policing Minneapolis now has in place.

Paramount to public safety is protecting the lives of people. We must ensure that the approach of our law enforcement officers is to deescalate, defuse, and bring to justice — not to serve as judge, jury and executioner.

We commend your courage and commitment to fundamental and profound change to law enforcement and public safety in Minneapolis. We look forward to working with you and communities across the city to make this happen.