In light of the court ruling handed down by the 8th circuit court on Thursday evening making any ballots received after 8 pm on November 3rd possibly invalid, we are encouraging all voters to either vote in person, early or on election day OR bring their absentee ballot to a drop box. 

The League of Women Voters realizes that for some people getting to a drop box may be difficult or impossible, so they have decided to offer a pickup/drive to deliver ballot service on, Monday, November 2nd and Tuesday, November 3rd—Election Day. 

Service will be for those who have a completed ballot. Each volunteer would be able to drop off a maximum of 3 ballots and must have their ID available when they do this.  This service does not include a ride to the polls.

They will inform volunteers of requests and coordinate the effort.  There are several drop boxes and sites that will accept the ballots.  Here is a link to the Minneapolis sites:

If you are interested in helping with this, please email Marilyn Cantisano  at [email protected] and, you can help by helping us get the word out to those who may still have a ballot that needs to be returned:

Are You Unable to Return Your Ballot?  LWV of Minneapolis Can Help!

Need help getting your ballot to the Ballot boxes? Volunteers are at the ready to help you! Please email [email protected]. Give them your address and contact information so they can make arrangements with you to come and pick up your ballot for delivery.