DEADLINE EXTENDED: Share your input on draft neighborhood traffic calming process

Minneapolis Public Works wants your input on a new process we are proposing to address traffic safety concerns and traffic calming requests on neighborhood streets. The process provides a way for community members to request traffic calming and for Public Works to review those requests fairly, transparently, and equitably. 

The proposed process for neighborhood traffic calming seeks to provide a process that:

• better considers the overall network;

• is data-driven and transparent; and

• is more equitable.

An overview of the new neighborhood traffic calming process is available here

You can find additional details about the proposal here, including the link for sharing comments. The city is accepting comments on the draft through January 31,2022.

After reviewing feedback, Public Works will finalize the process early in 2022. The city will share final details on how you can request traffic calming in the spring.