Save Our Shade Trees

Caring for our trees by watering the baby trees and more

Trees need water during the growing season - until the ground freezes - and even before the leaves emerge.

Trees are healthiest when they receive an inch of rain a week during the growing season.  During summer months this does not always happen.  Trees also need a moist root system to get through winter in good shape.  When Fall rains don't come, it helps to give them a drink so they will be healthy the coming Spring.  Trees can be watered until the ground is frozen.

"Trees up to five years old are especially susceptible. In any week that it rains less than one inch, yard and boulevard trees need to be watered. The Park Board plants and mulches boulevard trees but relies on residents or businesses nearby to water them."

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, July 17, 2013

"Young, newly planted trees need additional watering care. For new trees, concentrate water over the root ball, as well as the planting area, to assure survival. This is most easily accomplished by creating a circular mound of earth (or mulch) 3 to 4 inches high around the plant at the edge of the planting area."

Dr. Weicherding, University of Minnesota Extension Educator


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