Recent Robbery Pattern in the Marcy Holmes East Neighborhood

Over the past month there has been an ongoing robbery and theft-from-person crime pattern in the Marcy Holmes East Neighborhood.  Since May 18th, there have been 7 robbery of persons in the Marcy Holmes East Neighborhood.

The suspect descriptions and times of the incidents have been varied throughout the day/night.  Here is some general suspect information gathered from recent reports:

• Many of the robberies have happened between 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.

• Suspects have numbered anywhere from 2 to 6 black males

• Suspects have been early teens to mid-20’s; 5’5” to 6’ tall; slim – medium builds; wearing hoodie sweatshirts (pull over and zipped); ripped blue jeans and acid washed blue jeans

• Weapons have been displayed and used to physically harm the victim

• Suspects have used physical force to take items from victim (i.e. punch to the head or knocked to the ground)

• Suspects have been running to a variety of vehicles (some of the vehicles reported by victims have been verified as stolen)

• Suspects have been reported to:

• Ask for directions before assaulting and/or taking a phone form the victim

• Asked to use the victim’s phone to enter their contact information

• Run up behind the victim and forcibly take items from the victim’s hands

The 2nd Precinct recommends:

• Be assertive with your personal safety

• Walk with a friend and in groups

• Do not put yourself in harm’s way

• Some victims have fought back against the suspects, know your strengths and know how you will react in these type of incidents

• Based on recent robberies in the Marcy Holmes East Neighborhood

• Put your cell phone AWAY, most robberies have involved suspects taking cell phones

• DO NOT unlock or give your cell phone to anyone

• Be aware of the area around you especially when standing at a corner or on the sidewalk in recent robberies cars have been circling blocks and following people

• What are cars doing around you?

• Who is watching you text, call, or video call someone?

• Trust your instincts

• Do not rationalize strange or odd behavior

• When in doubt call 911.

  If you believe you are being followed call 911 or use the panic call on your phone

At night carry a flashlight and light up the path you are traveling and use it to identify people and sounds around you.


Observe and Report - Call 911 if you witness any suspicious persons/activity as it is happening, and/or if you believe you are being followed.


Anyone with information is asked to call:

The Minneapolis Police Tip Line at 612-692-8477 or

Crime Stoppers of Minnesota

1-800-222-8477 (TIPS)

Submit a tip online at


MPD issues a Crime Alert when we notice a crime pattern. The crime pattern may be specific to geographic area, a time period, or specific method of crime.  To enroll in the MPD Crime Alert system,


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To contact the 2nd Precinct’s Crime Prevention Specialists,

• (NE) Abdirashid Ali at 612-673-2874 or [email protected]

• (SE) Nicholas Juarez at O: 612-673-2797 – C: 612-475-4697 [email protected]