Protect our water by adopting a storm drain

A storm drain before and after clearing

Did you know that when it rains, stormwater carries grass clippings, leaves, cigarette butts, pesticides, fertilizer and animal waste through the storm drains directly into Minneapolis lakes and creeks and the Mississippi River? Not to mention antifreeze, paint, gasoline and motor oil. But you can help by adopting a storm drain in Marcy-Holmes and keeping it clear.

Hamline University recently reported on Adopt-a-Drain programs in the United States. Of the 170 active programs in the nation, the Minneapolis program ranked No. 1 for communities over 100,000 people because we had the most storm drains adopted (6,179 at the time of the report in September 2022) and the highest rate of adoption: 14.5 storm drains adopted per 1,000 people.

Minneapolis’ significant investments in the Adopt-a-Drain Program have already resulted in less flooding, better water quality, better educated residents and changed behavior.

Adopt a drain in Marcy-Holmes

You can be a part of it by adopting a storm drain near your home or business. Your 15 minutes twice a month can make a big difference. Learn more about adopting a drain in Minneapolis, and sign up to adopt a drain in Marcy-Holmes.