Proposed Changes for Bus Route #17

There are proposed changes to Route 17 as part of or Better Bus Routes program. Route 17 provides service between Northeast Minneapolis and St. Louis Park. Key destinations include downtown Minneapolis, Uptown, and Knollwood Mall.


Key changes that are proposed to take place in August of 2023:

  • A reduction in the number of stops to make the trip faster and more reliable. You can view a map of changes here
  • Relocating select bus stops past a signalized intersection to reduce delays – similar to how Bus Rapid Transit operates
  • 17F branch in St. Louis Park will be reduced to reverse commute trips only. Reverse commute trips travel towards downtown in the afternoon/evening rush hour, and away from downtown in the morning rush hour.
  • 17W branch in Northeast Minneapolis will be re-routed, ending on 26th Ave NE and Central. This will allow customers to transfer to routes on, and access Central Ave NE. which is a major business corridor in the area. This changes also provide our Bus Operators with better access to restroom facilities.

Metro Transit has posted alerts at affected Bus Stops containing a QR code asking folks to take a quick survey about the proposed changes. They have also sent emails to customers who have subscribed to alerts for this particular route.

Metro Transit has asked customers to take the survey by March 3, but will keep the survey open for an additional week to ensure that any last minute responses are collected and counted.