Notice of a Plan Modification Vote

In July, the MHNA Board reviewed its finances, discussed future projections, and decided to move forward with funding a three-quarter-time executive director position and a part-time program/engagement position to continue the important work of the association. To implement this plan, MHNA's Board also recommends a NRP Plan Modification to align remaining NRP funds with current priorities 

In August, the MHNA Board unanimously voted to move $30,729.43 of contracted NRP funds and $125,000 of non-contracted NRP funds, to fund 43535 NRP Staffing and Implementation. Staffing/Program Implementation supports the board and committees, day-to-day operations, engagement activities, volunteers, partnerships, programming, and communications. Overhead includes rent, phone, internet, printing, office supplies, meeting supplies, events, bookkeeping, and other misc. expenses necessary to run the organization. This administrative movement of funds allows MHNA to continue operating for the next several years. The motion now moves to the full membership for a vote. 

The Board will share details with the neighborhood about current priorities and funding strategies and ask for a vote of approval from the membership. Voting will open at the Annual Meeting on October 18, 2022 and can continue, if necessary, on an ongoing/rolling basis if there are not enough people in attendance to meet the voting requirements.

The membership will vote to move $30,729.43 of contracted NRP funds and $125,000 of non-contracted NRP funds, to fund 43535 NRP Staffing and Implementation. Details are as follows:

The motion would modify the existing NRP contract #43535 to support future organizational overhead needs. $30,729.43 will be moved from the NRP Phase II strategies listed below to NRP Phase II Staffing and then added to contract #43535 in a new line item called Overhead.  

  • Move $2,791.91 from NRP Phase II Emerald Ash Borer Plan strategy
  • Move $1,631.88 from NRP Phase II Greater Dinkytown Road Map strategy
  • Move $150 from NRP Phase II Creative Placemaking strategy
  • Move $316.70 from NRP Phase II Litter Container Program strategy
  • Move $838.94 from NRP Phase II COVID-19 Response strategy
  • Move $25,000 from NRP Phase II Traffic Calming/Pedestrian Study 

It would further utilize $125,000 of uncontracted NRP funds to support future staffing and program implementation needs. Funds will come from the following sources and be added to existing NRP contract #43535, NRP Staffing/Program Implementation.

  • NRP 1.A.1. Owner-Occupied Housing Improvements ($35,971.76)
  • NRP 1.A.1. Owner-Occupied Housing Improvements-Rollover ($234.77)
  • NRP 1.A.1. Owner-Occupied Housing Improvements-Program Income ($57,965.12)
  • NRP 1.A.2. Rental Housing Improvements ($20,828.35)
  • NRP 1.B.5. Historic Preservation Planning Assistance ($10,000)


Meeting Information:

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

6:30-8 pm via Zoom


Because there will be a vote on a NRP Plan Modification, as well as elections for Officers & Directors, we are asking all attendees Register for the login information. This will ensure that MHNA will be able to distribute ballots to MHNA residents, business owners and property owners. The public is welcome to attend this meeting, but only the aforementioned participants will be eligible to vote and receive ballots.

You can register at the following link:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


This meeting will also involve Annual Election of Officers and Directors. There will be more information on the election itself later this week, but in the meantime, please consider running for the board. While the election is in October, terms don't officially begin until January 1, 2023. 

To learn about running for the board, please visit