Notice of a Plan Modification: Allocating Funds to Security Rebate Program

The board of directors of the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association (MHNA) will be considering and voting on a modification to its Neighborhood Action Plan at its next meeting on November 29, 2022.

MHNA will request access to up to $24,950 or existing Program Income to continue support a previously approved priority:

Security Rebate Program           

Requested amount: $24,950         

Source: NRP Phase II 1.1.A.1 Program Income 

Existing Program Description: The Safety & Neighborhood Care Task Force seeks MHNA board support and approval to reinitiate a security rebate program in Marcy-Holmes. Upon board approval, the Marcy-Holmes Security Rebate program will focus on following broad goals: 1) Increase safety and involvement of residents and businesses and 2) Raise awareness of the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association.

All funds for this existing priority would come from our Phase II Program Income (Housing 1.A.1.).

Please contact Chris Lautenschlager, MHNA Executive Director, at [email protected] with any questions.