Multimodal Project along East Hennepin and 1st Ave NE

There is a multimodal improvement project planned for East Hennepin Avenue and 1st Avenue NE in 2023. This is an exciting opportunity to improve the safety and comfort of these streets.
The Hennepin County consultants behind this project are anticipating performing a temporary parking ban along the corridor on Tuesday, September 8th. The parking ban is to accommodate a LIDAR scan of the streets, where a laser will record the exact geometry of the existing street accurate plans for the upcoming multimodal project can be developed. While they can likely complete this work within a few hours, there will be day-long parking ban to err on the side of caution. Also, the LIDAR scan requires sunlight to work best, so the temporary parking ban could move to another day the week of September 8-11 in the event of inclement weather.
The overall project is not a full street reconstruction on these two avenues, but is instead a federally-funded multimodal improvement project intended to install new bike facilities, improve pedestrian facilities, and make improvements to intersections and traffic operations throughout the corridor. While smaller in scope than a reconstruction, this project still provides the opportunity to make meaningful, permanent changes to East Hennepin and 1st Ave NE to better support safety for all users.
We expect there will be an introductory community meeting sometime in October or November 2020 about the scope of the project, and what overall community engagement will look like over the next 12-18 month.
Within the next couple months there will be a project website. Additionally you will be seeing all relevant information posted to both the Nicollet Island-East Bank Neighborhood Association's and the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association's online platforms.