Little Birdy Project

Little Birdy seeks to engage community and foster connections among neighbors and residents.

Our goal is to engage the community in one to one discussions and to foster connections among neighbors and residents. We are hoping to get people talking - in their homes, yards, sidewalks, places of worship, restaurants, coffee shops, banks, parks, etc. The Little Birdy signs are meant to get people thinking and talking, not in a combative way but rather a decent, gentle, over-the-fence conversational way. The vitality and security of a neighborhood truly depends on having closer human connections, and we hope that the Little Birdy Project will be that goal starter!

If you would like to participate by displaying a Little Birdy sign, please contact [email protected].  

Follow the project on Twitter @ #MarcyHolmesBirdy.

MHNA’s year-long, Little Birdy Project explores the power a positive word makes in the community by posting signs around the neighborhood that are printed with one positive word. 

Our most recent campaign?

Birdy - Listen

What qualities make up a good listener? Are you a good listener? With everyone? Name 3 people you know are good listeners? Can you listen while you are talking?

Special Thanks go out to all of the Marcy-Holmes businesses that participated in our latest Little Birdy campaign, LISTENAlma, Brasa, Varsity Bike + Transit, First Congregational Church, Bad Waitress Northeast, The Cuningham Group, The Machine Shop, Andrew Riverside Church, Hang It Gallery, Dinkytown Optical, Pagoda, Lands End Pasty Company, R Taco, Sir Speedy, Erik’s Bikes + Boards, and Minuteman Press!

Birdy - Listen 2

And thanks to all the businesses and organizations that have posted IMAGINE in their windows earlier this year!

Birdy Group

Birdy - Imagine