Justice for National Guardsman, Sergeant Abdoulaye Néné Cisse slain in Marcy-Holmes

Family of National Guardsman, Sergeant Abdoulaye Néné Cisse slain in southeast Minneapolis still seeking answers

LINK: https://www.change.org/p/justice-for-national-guardsman-sergeant-abdoulaye-n%C3%A9n%C3%A9-cisse-slain-in-minneapolis


Sergeant Abdoulaye Nene Cisse, born to Mr Alioune Badara and Madam Nene Cisse in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA), on October 16, 1992. 

Late Sgt Abdoulaye Cisse was brought up in Minnesota and Senegal. Upon completion of his elementary and secondary education in Senegal, Abdoulaye proceeded to China for his  post secondary education. He returned to his country of birth, USA and lived in Minneapolis until the time of his untimely death.
Abdoulaye was highly intelligent, full of talents and multi lingual.

Abdoulaye met his tragic death in the early hours of October 16, 2019, at 500 7th street SE, Minneapolis, Minnesota, in a homicide. He was stabbed to death on his 27th birthday. The perpetrator(s) is/are at large, eying their next innocent victim while Abdoulaye’s family continues to deeply mourn and grieve without answers or closure.

Abdoulaye is described by all those that knew him as a young man of impeccable qualities and great humility. He was an energetic young man, with a natural ,uplifting and reassuring smile. 

In an effort to serve his country, Abdoulaye joined the Minnesota National Guard to serve and protect lives and property thus for love for country!
Abdoulaye’s life dreams, and lifelong efforts were cut short; and his family, friends, and community are now left empty. An honorable young man of his standing deserves Justice NOW!!

Abdoulaye’s family, friends and community are soliciting 20000 signatures in petitioning the US Department of Justice, the Minnesota Attorney General, the Minnesota National Guard and Minneapolis Police Department. 

We respectfully ask that:

(1)    The US Department of Justice, Minnesota  Attorney General, Minnesota National Guard and the Minneapolis Police Department to take the matter more seriously by doubling up in the investigation on Abdoulaye Néné Cisse's untimely death, including creating a special task force on this matter.

(2)    Asking  for  the aforementioned agencies and institutions to increase resources on outreach and media campaign to trace and apprehend Abdoulaye's perpetrator(s).

(3) For the aforementioned agencies and institutions to serve justice in the matter of Abdoulaye Néné Cisse and helping the family get a closure.
Please sign, and encourage your family and friends to sign. May Abdoulaye’s perpetrator(s) be apprehended and justice served without delay. Rest in Peace sergeant Abdoulaye Néné Cisse of beloved memory!!


The Cisses, family, friends, and concerned citizens.

Contact: [email protected]