Free sand for sidewalks

You can get sand for your sidewalk at these locations

• 6036 Harriet Ave. S. (on W. 60th St. between Lyndale and Harriet)

• 1809 Washington St. NE (at 18th and Jefferson)

• E. 27th St. (just east of Longfellow Ave. near the Public Works gate)

• 2710 Pacific St. (outside the main Public Works gate between 27th and 28th Aves. N.)



Locations are open 24 hours a day. 


  1. Free sand is for Minneapolis residents only
  2. You're limited to one five-gallon bucket

Salt to sand ratio

We add salt to the sand to prevent freezing. The ratio is up to 25% salt and 75% or more sand.

Come prepared

You must bring your own pail and shovel.