Comprehensive Plan Amendment Meeting: 315 14th Ave SE

Tuesday, November 28, 2023 at 05:30 PM


Arvonne Fraser Library
1222 4th St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
United States
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Jim Yarosh


Tuesday, November 28, 2023, 5:30 pm

Arvonne Fraser Library | 1222 4th Street SE


Please attend this meeting to learn more about Deacon Flats' request to amend the city's comprehensive plan. City staff has confirmed this comp plan amendment can proceed because it does not include any residential component and, therefore, is not captured under the court order.  


Deacon Flats, LLC, the owner of the Annie’s Parlour property in Dinkytown (315 14th Avenue SE, Minneapolis) desires to obtain a comprehensive plan amendment from the City of Minneapolis so it can record a deed to a small parcel of property it purchased from the adjacent railroad nearly 20 years ago and to use that property to better utilize its building.

In 2005, Deacon Flats purchased a small strip of property (3,550 square feet) from the BNSF railroad that lies directly to the south of the Annie’s Parlour property (“Railroad Parcel”).  Unfortunately, Deacon Flats could not record the deed conveying the Railroad Parcel likely because it conveyed less than the whole tax parcel which then required the consent of the City of Minneapolis.  To now record the deed, my client needs to combine the Railroad Parcel with the Annie’s Parlour tax parcel.  To help visualize the parcels, attached is a survey showing the Annie’s Parlour parcel and the acquired Railroad Parcel. 

The Minneapolis Comprehensive Guide Plan guides the two parcels differently with the Railroad Parcel designated “Transportation” and the Annie’s Parlour Parcel guided “Community Mixed Use” which is problematic because parcels must have the same comp plan guiding to be combined.  Deacon Flats, therefore, seeks to amend the comp plan to change the guiding of the 3,550 sq. ft. parcel it owns from Transportation to Community Mixed Use to achieve the lot combination with the Annie’s Parlour parcel.  Once the parcels are combined, Deacon Flats will be able to create an additional ingress and egress access point on the ground floor of the building on the railroad side of the property to more fully utilize its building.


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