Annual Election Candidate Guide Now Available

Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association’s Annual Election


October 18, 2022, 6:30 pm

Online, via Zoom

(please click here for a PDF version of this document)

Thank you to all Marcy-Holmes residents, business and property owners, and annexed members who are running to serve on the board this year. In this Candidate Guide you’ll find:

  • Nominations and Election Procedures p. 1
  • 2023 Candidates for Officer (4 seats up for election) 
  • 2023 Candidates for Director (7 seats up for election) 


In addition to the candidates listed in this guide who submitted forms prior to the election,

nominations can be made from the floor. (Article VIII, Section 4).

Eligible Candidates: The Board of Directors consists of up to fifteen (15) Directors at-large to be

elected by the General Membership at the October annual meeting, of whom eleven (11) shall

be Resident members; all Resident and Non-Resident members. President and Vice-President each must have at least 6 months prior experience as an elected member of the board of directors or as an officer of the association (Article VI, Section 1).

Eligible Voters: All members of the Association are eligible to vote in elections. You must be present at this Membership Meeting to vote. There are three categories of membership:

  1. Resident Members: All residents of the neighborhood shall be eligible for membership in the Association upon completion of an electronic or paper membership form, whereby the applicant certifies their residence as within the boundaries of the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood.
  2. Non-Resident Members: Non-Residents who (1) own real property or have an interest in real property in the neighborhood or (2) are a duly sponsored representative of a non-profit or for-profit organization or business with a physical address in the neighborhood shall become members upon presentation of land ownership or appointment by a business or organizations.
  3. Annexed Members: Membership may also be conferred on individuals who (1) reside in, (2) own real property or have an interest in a real property, or (3) are duly-sponsored representatives of a non-profit or for-profit organization or business outside the City recognized Marcy-Holmes neighborhood boundary but who have a physical address within the geographic area bounded by 15th Avenue SE on the west, University Avenue SE on the south, Oak Street SE on the east, and the BNSF railroad tracks on the north. Membership will also be conferred upon residents of Sanford Hall and Roy Wilkins Hall, both buildings located on the south side of University Avenue SE between 11th Avenue SE and 13th Avenue SE. Such members shall be granted the same rights and privileges of Non-Resident member.

CANDIDATES FOR OFFICER - known candidates as of 10/14/2022

President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary each serve 1-year terms



David Moseman - Incumbent

David has lived in Marcy-Holmes since 2009 and serves on his 8th St SE condo board. He is also currently on the board at Southeast Seniors. With these connections—and his experience as a retired physician with a Master’s in Public Health—David plans to work to make Marcy-Holmes an even better place for all to live, work and play.


Vic Thorstenson

Vic moved to Marcy-Holmes as a UMN freshman in early 1976. He stuck around, living in rental housing in the neighborhood. Around 1978, Vic got active in the newly formed Historic Riverfront Development Coalition, which sought to preserve structures that were proposed to be destroyed, needlessly altered, or moved by the Riverplace development. Vic joined and was elected Secretary of MHNA around 1980 and remained active until moving with his family to Seward, and later, Prospect Park.

Vic and his family returned to Marcy-Holmes in 1994, in their first house on 3rd Ave SE. Vic served on the MHNA board in the 1990s, was chair of the community’s St. Anthony Sesquicentennial celebration in 1999 and served as MHNA’s liaison with the Old St. Anthony Business Association. Cindy and Vic raised their son here and were Marcy Open School parents.

Vic retired from state government in September, after working in both the Minnesota House and Senate and the state departments of Corrections and Administration. His work at the legislature included redistricting, communications, health care reform and restoration of the Minnesota State Capitol. He also operated a print communications business in Marcy-Holmes for over 20 years.

Vic served as MHNA President in 2019 & 2020. His priorities included outreach for the 2020 census, organizational reform to open up MHNA to more students and renters, and instituting term limits for board membership. He is also one of two MHNA representatives to the University District Alliance.

Vic would like to help guide MHNA towards a service model that takes direct action to address neighborhood needs - like public safety, street lighting, neighborhood livability, environmental stewardship, poverty, renter rights, and safer conditions for pedestrians and cyclists.


Vice President

Kim Hansen

Kim has held various leadership positions in business, nonprofit and public sector/government areas for over 25 years. She has served on several other boards and nonprofit community groups and enjoys strategic discussions.  Motivated to fully represent different ages, living arrangements, and other demographics, Kim likes learning about development bringing greater density—and new architectural vision—into the neighborhood.



Martha Ballard

Martha Ballard and her family chose to live in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood nearly 35 years ago. Martha enjoys her work as a freelance Bookkeeper, after years working in administration at the Children’s Museum, the University of St. Thomas, and other small businesses. Many nonprofit organizations have benefited from her volunteer energy: Minnesota Justice Research Center, Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota, Seward Longfellow Restorative Justice, Southeast Seniors and the Soap Factory. Martha served on the MHNA board in (years) as its Treasurer and Dinkytown Liaison.



Joe Schaedler

Finishing his second term, Joe has been renting an apartment at the intersection of 4th Street SE and 4th Avenue SE since 2005. An active participant in MHNA’s Land Use & Development and Safety/Infrastructure committees, Joe is motivated to represent renters’ interests in the neighborhood, specifically focusing on maintaining affordable housing stock and retaining economic diversity amongst our neighborhoods’ residents. Over the past year, Joe has been involved in discussions over expanding organics recycling at larger apartment buildings and at local businesses and churches.

He values the neighborhood for its central location within the city of Minneapolis, vibrant commerce, historical residences, ample street parking, and abundant public transit.


CANDIDATES FOR DIRECTOR - known candidates as of 10/14/2022

Directors serve 2-year terms

(You can vote for up to 7 candidates, we also allow for write-ins)

Candidates listed alphabetically, by first name


Bill Huntzicker - Incumbent

Bill moved into the neighborhood 50 years ago, when it was called the University District, and his first involvement was as a member of the much-maligned Holmes PAC, whose goal was to decrease neighborhood density. He was also on the committee that wrote the first comprehensive plan that called for preserving the single-family/duplex core of the neighborhood. For nine years, he chaired the parks committee that successfully coordinated with the park board, park planners, the school board (that abandoned and wanted to sell the Holmes School and Marcy School sites), city planners, the HRA (Housing and Redevelopment Authority that wanted to sell the land for private ownership), City Council members and their staffs, the mayor’s office, and mayors to get Marcy Park and the expansion of Holmes Park to fill an entire two-block site, making possible the current location of Marcy School. He was president and secretary of MHNA for a year each in the days before it had a staff or archives, and he worked as a volunteer reporter for the Southeast newspaper during most of its life.


Brian Tang - Incumbent

Currently a civil engineer, Brian has worked in transportation planning and design for the past eight years. With degrees in Environmental Studies and Environmental Engineering, he has a particular interest in urban forestry, land use and development, transportation, traffic-related air pollution, and stormwater management. Between college stints, he worked for two years as a landscaper, volunteering during that time to help administer a community garden program in New Haven, CT. While in New Haven he helped to redesign the city's bike map.

Brian has served on the board of directors three nonprofit organizations: six years on the board of the bicycle advocacy organization in New Haven, six years on the board of a charitable endowment that issued grants for environmental initiatives, and one and a half years on the board of the co-op rooming house where I lived at the time. For five years he was Secretary of the board of the environmental endowment fund.

Brian moved here six years ago in part because of how hard it is to rent an apartment, let alone buy a home, in most of the places he lived before. He feels a duty to do whatever he can to ensure the housing shortage in Minneapolis never gets as bad as on the coasts.


Bridget Sullivan

Bridget has been an attorney for almost 25 years and a judge for 8 years in Hennepin County where she learned how to mediate disputes and problem solve across a broad area of legal issues. She has lived in Minneapolis for over thirty years as a renter and homeowner in almost every neighborhood in the City. Bridget was on the board of District 202, The Family Partnership, Way to Grow, and the Hennepin History Museum.  While she lived in Washington DC, she volunteered for Planned Parenthood and several political campaigns. Sullivan loves Minneapolis and want to preserve the many good aspects of it while preparing it to adapt to change in neighborhood specific ways.  She has always been involved in community building and volunteer projects and believes strongly that we all have to make concrete contributions to our communities. 


David Jones

David Jones is a husband and a father of two daughters who attended Marcy Open School. David is married to Sarah Luedtke-Jones and just celebrated their 23rd Anniversary. He holds a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration from Upper Iowa University and has a BA in Fine Art from Gustavus Adolphus College. David works at Metropolitan State University as an Academic Advisor. A past MHNA Vice President, David has helped organize Adopt-a-Street clean up events and has promised to finally start the Marcy-Holmes merchandise store for MHNA.


David Moseman - Incumbent

See Officer Bio above. David is also running for Director if not elected President.


Joe Schaedler - Incumbent

See Officer Bio above. Joe is also running for Director if not elected Secretary.


John Goebel

John has been a proud homeowner and renter in Marcy-Holmes for the past 18 years. Since moving here as a bachelor, his family has grown to four: wife Arielle, son Sebastian, and daughter Violet.  With a backyard abutting six other properties (occupied by renters, homeowners, and landlords), he is constantly in touch with neighbors: building fences together, discussing recent crime on the block, and keeping tabs on new property development. As a past president and director on the MHNA Board, he has focused on issues including infrastructure, park improvements, and land use—all while promoting an inclusive environment to longtime members and newcomers alike. Through his day job at Twin Cities PBS, he helps non-profits tell their story. He has worked with Minneapolis Public Schools, Big Ten Universities, and museums around the nation.


Jordan Leick

Jordan graduated with an MBA from the Carlson School of Business, with specializations in general management and IT. Especially interested in transportation networks and land use, Leick wants to help ensure that MHNA makes the right investments in our community, enriching the lives of everyone who resides, works, and play here. Jordan is a frequent volunteer at Our Streets, Habitat for Humanity, CAA (Twin Cities VegFest), and the Loppet Foundation.


Julie Iverson

“I’ve lived roughly 90% of my life in Marcy-Holmes or the University District. Now, in my 60s, I spend much of my time & energy aspiring to support or promote ‘community’ in all the places and ways it manifests. An opportunity to serve my fellow members of the Marcy-Holmes community (present & future) through a position on the Association Board is strongly appealing. It provides focus and strength to move community needs and desires forward to the maximum extent possible.

We are a distinctly diverse, multicultural community embracing young adults, children, seniors, mid-career grownups, immigrants, foreign student visitors, students [pre-K thru Grad school], Univ.  faculty and staff, business/property owners, renters, homeowners, artists, the affluent and the poor. Black, red, white and all other colors of the rainbow are part of our DNA. I also recognize the historic role this area has played in this city and the honor due to the indigenous peoples we thank for our space.

This broad diversity of interests and concerns is a challenge I’ve prepared for. I’m educated (degreed in Ideation and Communication), outspoken, committed to consensus decision-making and to transparency. In addition to living here (as renter & homeowner), I bring experience as an elected representative, a parliamentarian, a small business owner, a recent UMN student (class of ‘16), and a senior citizen to this volunteer post. I believe in the power of WE and work always to find the best solution to well-defined problems or issues.

I hope you will vote for me and work with me in defining the needs of and advocating for this neighborhood. (PS Tucker, my Golden Retriever, insists that I say “Hello!” If you don’t know him, I guarantee he looks forward to meeting you soon!) If you have any question regarding my background or objectives, please feel free to contact me: [email protected] or 612.812.3394."


Karyn Zwieg - Incumbent

With a degree in Human Service Administration, Karyn has been working in non-profit housing management for over 20 years. She feels can bring a diverse perspective to this board as a representative of a non-profit. As Director of Housing and Community Engagement with Riverton Community Housing for over 10 years, Karyn oversees the overall operation of 7 housing cooperatives in the Marcy Holmes, SE Como and Seward neighborhoods, and understands board governance and the responsibilities and roles of the officers. Passionate about housing—with the belief that everyone has a right to safe, affordable housing, Karyn would like to be an active participant in the decisions that impact our community.

Before coming to this area, Karyn gained experience working at other nonprofits agencies and with various diverse populations of people at; Tubman Family Alliance, YWCA of St Paul Transitional Housing, CommonBond Communities, and Dakota County Community Development Agency. Karyn has served a 2-year term on the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association board, currently serves on the Dinkytown Business Alliance board, and regularly attends Seward Neighborhood meetings as a representative for her organization. If elected for another term, Karyn believes she can work towards organizing and participating in more community engagement, public safety, and security initiatives.

Miles Jungclaus

Currently living in Dinkytown, Miles Jungclaus is currently an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota. Interested in greenspace, non-fast food access, and the use of public spaces, Miles believes student voices need to be better represented within the neighborhood organization.


Ted Tucker

Ted has worked with the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board on many planning efforts to enlarge our parks and improve access to the riverfront. He believes that MHNA should take the lead in adding open space to Dinkytown, the least well serve and densest part of our neighborhood. Tucker has expressed the concern that MHNA needs more board members from Dinkytown. If elected to the board, he will act to make Dinkytown a more livable place. He will happily resign to make room for any suitable representative from Dinkytown.


Tom Lincoln - Incumbent

Tom Lincoln is a long-time Marcy-Holmes resident and homeowner. He has served on the Board at various times during his tenure. He is a professional civil engineer working for Kimley-Horn and Associates in the area of land development. He has a professional interest in land use and development issues in the neighborhood but will recuse himself if there appears to a conflict of interest. He also has an interest in gardening and community gardens as a form of community building. Tom enjoys biking and skiing.



REMINDER 1: Nominations for any role can be taken from the floor on the night of the meeting. Candidates do not have to announce their intention to run in advance of the meeting.


REMINDER 2: You must Register and be present at the meeting to receive a ballot. MHNA has opted to handle their elections the same way they did pre-COVID. To receive a ballot, you must attend the meeting.