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January 28, 2013 | News

Salvaged Items Marshall High/U-Tec Demolition

To the Residents of the Marcy Holmes Community:

It has come to the attention of the development team that neighbors and alumni of Marshall High may have interest in obtaining items that they believe will help them to remember the significant place that the high school has had in the heritage of the neighborhood.  As background, you should know that when the building was remodeled previously to become UTEC, most of the significant features of the building were removed.  That being said, in an effort to try to accommodate your many and varied requests, we have arranged the following:

1.      In our prior meetings with the Marcy Holmes Neighborhood Association, the development team has agreed to salvage certain items that will be reused in the new facility.  It is our intent to appropriately label the items so that the relationship with Marshall High will not be lost.  These items include certain exterior limestone elements, desks and/or tables, certain casework, decorative metal work, slate blackboards and gymnasium flooring materials.

2.      The building’s cornerstone is being salvaged, and will be held for future placement.

3.     The balance of the items salvaged from the building (which include other casework, wood trim, doors, hardware and miscellaneous items) have been acquired by Bauer Salvage, 612-860-4804 and 612-850-0993.  Residents are asked to contact Russ or Kevin Bauer at the numbers indicated if they would like to discuss acquiring any of the items.

4.    Bricks will be made available to individuals interested in acquiring a few for their personal use.  After demolition commences, these will be placed on the 6th Street side of the building along the sidewalk  between February 4th  and March 1st , 2013. Beginning March 2nd, we will no longer be able to accommodate additional requests. For safety reasons, please do not enter the site for any reason. 

We have worked diligently to try to meet the needs and requests of the community and hope that these measures exemplify our desire to become an integral member of the Marcy Holmes neighborhood. 

1313 5th Street Holdings, LLC