RFQ DEADLINE: Sixth Ave. SE Greenway Guardian Project


Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association
Request for Qualifications: Sixth Ave. SE Greenway Guardian Project

The Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association (MHNA) is soliciting qualifications by noon on March 16, 2018, from professional artists with outdoor sculpture or metal work experience. Qualifications are for planning and implementing a series of environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing low railings (“greenway guardians”) totaling approximately 590 feet that will protect native plants in the Sixth Avenue Greenway.

Project Background:

The Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association (MHNA) has been caring for the Sixth Avenue Greenway for 14 years, on Sixth Avenue SE between University Avenue and Main Street. Over the years, MHNA volunteers from the Environment and Creative Places committees have worked to beautify and improve this highly trafficked area within our historic neighborhood, particularly the block between University Avenue and Second Street SE. The block has three green boulevard areas, which are adjacent to three different properties: a condominium building, an apartment building and an industrial/commercial property. The boulevard’s native pollinator-friendly plants are maintained by community volunteers. The space also includes public art: twelve brick posts with bronze sculptures by Aldo Moroni, a renowned local artist and Marcy-Holmes resident. It is within the Saint Anthony Falls Historic District, the Mississippi Corridor Critical Area, and the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area – our very own national park.

In efforts to continue beautifying the area while caring for its native plantings, MHNA, through its Environment Committee and Creative Placemaking Committee, is planning to install a series of low railings along the greenway. We envision these to be “greenway guardians.” MHNA is leading a process to improve this neighborhood asset and continue to build community among neighbors, local artists and volunteers, all of whom will be involved in the project design and implementation. The proposed project will highlight creative placemaking while supporting stewardship of this natural boulevard. The project is also intended to draw upon and include the successful collaboration that exists among the three properties involved in the area, ensuring a design that is complements all.

MHNA seeks an artist or small team who can design railings that are consistent with the historic district and neighborhood identity, and protect the pollinator-friendly, native plants, particularly from pet and human impacts. MHNA is interested in designs that are flexible and refreshable, potentially allowing for design elements that can be substituted in sections. While the railing is critical to protect plantings from being trampled by people and pets, we see the design and place-making contributions as first priorities. As a result, MHNA would like a low- profile railing that prevents people and pets from walking in the native pollinator-friendly plantings and artistically blends in with the character of the environs. It will be, by design, a long-lasting, durable structure that requires minimal ongoing maintenance.

To read full Request for Qualifications, please visit HERE.